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Ursula special event signing in Portland!

Hi all -- I'm new to LJ, but having fun exploring.  Big fan of Ursula's work, and trying to let people know that she will be coming to opening night of Ride The Red Mare at The Winningstad Theatre in Portland, Oregon on December 16th at 7:30.  This is a fantastic puppetry adaption of her book A Ride On The Red Mare's Back (sadly out of print at the moment - come on, Scholastic, get it back in print!)  Anyway, she'll be doing a short Q & A from the stage after the show, then a private signing for ticket holders afterwards in the lobby area.  Check out if you are in the area and want tickets.  Should be a pretty awesome show, especially with the author in the audience!  Oh, and they will have specially made CDs available of her reading the book with Third Angle Ensemble playing the music they created for the show.
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