Greylin (greylin) wrote in leguin,

Ursula le Guin at 80 - BBC radio

17 Mar 2009, 11:30 GMT on BBC Radio 4

Writer China Mieville talks to American science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin.

Le Guin was a trailblazer - writing in the 1960s, her series of books about the adventures of a boy wizard, Ged, included characters of every race and colour. Her fiction has been acutely concerned with politics, portraying worlds destroyed by environmental catastrophe that prefigured modern concerns about global warming, and societies without gender just as modern-day feminism began to take off.

Featuring contributions and tributes from Iain Banks and Margaret Atwood.

The 30 minute programme is available for 7 days following the original broadcast date on the BBC iPlayer.

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