Christy [popular slut club] (pellnell) wrote in leguin,
Christy [popular slut club]

Fic: ride a white horse

Title: ride a white horse
Rating: g
Fandom: The Lathe of Heaven
Summary: She never used to be like this, never wanted to spend her Saturday mornings on the sofa, the newspaper scattered on the floor and her hands clipped neatly together while she tried to piece together the memories that shouldn’t be hers.
Disclaimer: Characters are copyright Ursula K. Le Guin.
Warnings: Spoilers for the book.
Author's Note: For an English survey course I'm taking, we're encouraged to write continuations or missed scenes based on the books we read. This is my first go at it. If fanfiction posting isn't allowed, please let me know.

When the light turns into darkness, will he turn up to explain us?
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