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Left Hand of Darkness Wallpapers

 Hey, I'm new to this comm. :)

I admit I haven't read a lot of Le Guin's works (yet, that is - I'm planning on rectifying that soon...) However, The Left Hand of Darkness is one of my all-time favourite novels, while the journey across the ice towards the end of the book is my favourite section of any book, ever. I'm glad I've found a community where a lot of you agree!

I thought some of you might be interested that I made two graphic-y, wallpapery  type things, using a couple of quotes from LHoD (and by "made", I mean "added text to photos", so it didn't take much talent on my part...)

Anyway here are the links to the "wallpapers":


I lay no claim to the pictures -  all I did was add text to them. The lovely photos themselves are from this site: http://www.duluthstreams.org/understanding/iceVolcanoes.html

(As it's an educational site, and the photos are used as examples, I figured it was ok to use them without permission.) Apologies for the quality level. I made them using MS Paint :D

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